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accurate intensity based workouts


The instructor tool allows you to create custom intensity profiles for each class. By combining the intensity zones in varying orders and intervals, you will be able to create exactly the intensity profile that suits your clients. The system supports custom intensity scales (five zones).

The instructor tool has a very intuitive user interface and playback for end users.


Stages Flight system offers the unique possibility of climbing Alpe d’Huez or any other stage inside the cycling studio. In the Stages Flight Route Maker you can create a route from your local area or from anywhere in the world. Ride as a controlled instructor led group or as a realistic competition. The advanced Stages Flight formula for competition takes into consideration elevation, weight, power and other factors when calculating the speed of the participants.

For extra motivation the system can easily import routes from any Garmin headunits (TCX/GPX files), and combine that with your helmetcam footage from the same ride, it will give your members the same experience as you had on that same ride indoors!


In Handicap mode, you will level out the differences in levels for all riders in the class. You can choose to boost all the riders to amateur, elite or PRO level with the touch of a button. 


Team mode is also a very nice feature, that enables the instructor to split the group in teams. The average poweroutput and weight of those riders will then be added together to power the team ahead for the sprints and KOMs that lies ahead of you. 


Level out button can be used at any point in the ride, to get all the riders up to the leader. Use it in the last K, to motivate the whole class to race for the flag. 



With the Stages Flight instructor panel, you will have full control of your classes. Before the start of the class you choose the intensity profile or route, that you created at home from the instructor tools. On the panel you have a lot of different options to play with during the class. Tap the buttons during the class to customize and bring dynamic displays that users will love! Change the gauge layout based on type of class with the touch of a button, and have full control with scripts that will que you with whats coming next.