With Stages Flight Power you get the full Stages Flight experience together with our recommended Stages Cycling indoor bike.

Combine heart rate sensors and data from the bikes, to get the fastest and most reliable tool to improve the fitness and experience of your members.

Do indoor competitions from your local area and combine it with exciting videos and stats.  



Stages Flight Heart rate is the nice and easy solution for the club that wants to start with all the exciting functions that Stages Flight can provide, but just dont have the power bikes available. Group display of heartrate in 5 zones, intensity profiles and competitions based on the intensity your members are working at. If you have the Power version in your cycling room, you can add the Heart rate version in your studio and group classes. Monitor heart rate from a threadmill group workout, or circle training. Give the members the ultimate total solution to track their efforts. 


product iPad screen


Stages Flight booking terminal is offered on iPAD or Android tablets, and makes it easy for the users to login and pick their favorite bike. 

You can have one or more booking terminals in your club to reduce wait time before classes. Mount one in the reception area and one outside the 

cycling room, and it will make your login process smooth. 

Booking roster with details of reserved bikes and user information, are available for the Instructors and club administrators. Integrate the Stages Flight booking system with your member system, to make the login process totally seamless. 


product belt


Purchase the Stages Flight Heart rate transmitter with ANT+ interoperable wireless technology. The heart rate transmitter has a signal-filtering algorithm for noise rejection and a long battery life. The strap is designed in a soft, flexible and comfortable fabric. The light-weight pod can be clicked off and the strap machine washed.

The Stages Flight heart rate transmitter is equipped with a Sensor ID on the back enabling you to easily enter the 5-digit code in your personal settings. The Sensor ID is corresponds to an ANT+ ID already registered in the system. This means that when you log in at the club, your Stages Flight belt will already be registered to you.

product combination


Download the Stages Flight app on your smartphone and gather data from ALL your workout activities, indoors or outdoors, in one, single app.

View and review your performance, track your progress and reach your goals. You can join challenges, share with your friends and book your favorite bike in your club.The Stages Flight App is available on: Apple Appstore.

app store